My Methodology

Having worked closely with hundreds of clients over the years, I have developed a simple and effective model to help create leads, engage with them, nurture them and then turn prospects into customers.

I call it….. C.E.N.T!

This simple but effective model has been used by my clients successfully, resulting in them achieving the goals that we set from day one and more! From creating additional sales of £120,000 in 10 weeks for a client, to saving time and allowing more freedom to spend time on the business and not in it!

Using the principles of content marketing to help drive leads to the business, you then implement tools to engage with them further as people buy from people so you need to demonstrate that.

Then comes the nurturing, once you have captured their details using the content and engagement… then you transact! Simple

Of course the model is simple, effective and successful, providing you bring in quality elements to each of the stages, to build a clear customer journey that is sustainable and can grow with your business.

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