Matt Garman – Founder and Managing Director of Sales Plus Profit

“Matthew is extremely knowledgeable in sales and marketing technology.

He demonstrated that to us loud and clear when he provided Sales Plus Profit with set up, training and consultancy on our system.

He’s very approachable, nothing too much bother and above all of this he’s a thoroughly good guy”


Working with Matt was a real insight into how Sales Directors work, the project was to create personas based upon different criteria they had for various CEO types, then to find out how we can narrow down that data so we can talk to the right people at the right time. 

We designed and built a sequence of communications that had dynamic links to move people through the process, based upon their interactions and responses. Meaning, we poured in the contacts, bounced them around (gently!) and then we were able to create a database of well targeted contacts to do business with

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