How I Can Help

The ultimate question – how can I help you and your business?

I’ve been fortunate in my business life to have the experience of working in a small business to help it grow from a handful of customers to trading in over 46 countries around the world, working with companies ranging from start ups to the third largest global sporting event in the world! Each business has it’s own challenges, it’s own goals and even those moments where they are left scratching their heads wondering which direction they should head next.

During that time, I’ve created lead generation campaigns, created award winning customer success platforms, won business in sales environments, streamlined admin, managed teams and even handled company finances. So I know the challenges that businesses of all shapes and sizes go through.

My passion comes from all of that experience and the drive to help businesses to break out of the day to day haze and to head full steam for their goals, building the roads and bridges that they need to reach that destination – either in a hands on capacity or from a mentoring point of view. As I know there is nothing more satisfying at times than looking back and seeing just how far you’ve come on your journey.

Where do we start?

It starts with a call, nothing more, no charge, just a simple chat to help me understand where you are at as a business, what your challenges are and a really open, honest discussion on IF and HOW I can help.

I am not your normal coach/business partner, if I can’t help you I will be 100% honest and tell you – however, thanks to my years of networking, I will hopefully know someone who can. 

Like the guy from TAKEN, I have a particular set of skills, so I want to make sure that I can use them to get results for you and your business.

If we can work together

This is the moment I love, because it means that together we have a project that we can sink our teeth into and make happen!

The next step is what I call the Discovery Day, where I come to you and we review the challenges, processes and goals and then put a plan in place to look at how we are going to tackle it, how we will knock down those challenges, refine those processes and smash those goals! It really is that simple.

We then agree the milestones and what level of engagement we will have, then… we go and make things happen!

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