Customer Retention Creation

Understanding and knowing what your customer journey looks like is vitally important to any business – without it, your sales will always remain inconsistent and you’ll never really know how you got them.

Many businesses make the mistake of throwing more money at their lead generation in the hope that bigger numbers at the start of the sales process will mean bigger numbers in their bank at the end of it – sadly because they haven’t done the middle of the funnel (The Customer Journey), they are then left with wasted leads and limited or no sales

Ask YourSelf This Question...

IF you spend £1000 getting 1000 potential customers to your website and you only convert 10% of them to a particular landing page – how many have you got?

The Answer = 100 Potential Customers

If you then only convert 10% of them to actual taking action and registering their interest – now how many potential customers have you got?

The Answer = 10 Potential Customers

Finally, your sales strike rate is 10%, how many of these potential customers do you convert?

The Answer = 1 – just 1 customer has been converted. Does that cover your lead generation costs? Does that allow your business to grow?

Imagine making changes that see you convert 30% at every stage, what impact would that make? The maths is simple, it’s 27 customers VS 1 customer

Which would you rather? 1 Customer OR 27 Customers?

Working with clients, together we map out the journey that customers take and implement the key elements which make all the difference. Helping them create a process which is measurable and successful

Looking at each stage and asking the tough questions about your business, to bring clarity and focus, bringing about real change and success

Start your Journey TODAY!

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