Month: September 2019

4 Reasons You Must Have A CRM For A Business

There is no business without customers. No matter which industry you are in, CRM is a valuable asset. CRM stands for customer relations management — a technology for managing customer interactions and relationships with the company. The goal of this novel system is simple: to improve business productivity via better customer service. The system helps customers stay connected to customers and increase profitability. A business may find many sources to market themselves such as their […]

5 Awful Sales Tactics that must be Avoided

Bad sales tactics have the capacity to spread like a virus. There may be one tactic that could have become successful with one salesperson and then someone else employs it. Before you know it, the tactic starts spreading like wild-fire among the business community. Unfortunately, they may be touted as the “best marketing tactics out there”. It is important to avoid methods which may apparently cause some short-term benefits but are harmful to the business […]

5 Ways to Engage Better with Your Customers

The foundation of a successful company is built upon its customer turnover. In order to be the best in customer service engagements, you have to be better at helping your customers rather than selfishly selling your own services. Here are five key features companies must have to engage their customers. 1. Real Value versus Promotional Value The best way to ensure an increasing influx of customers is to lead with content instead of sales. The […]

5 Common E-mail Marketing Strategies to Avoid

If you are in those businesses that are still using outdated and old e-mail marketing techniques, then a plummet in sales and leads should be a no surprise for you. There are many companies that rely on e-mail marketing to market their products. Thus, there are millions of e-mails sent out every day. For a business to thrive, they have to ensure that the scores of e-mails they are sending out are different from the […]

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