Month: May 2019

Building your email list

In many ways, it’s more important to keep hold of your existing customers and keep them buying than it is to find new ones. An email list can be a big part of that because when you’re always in direct contact with the customers you already know are interested in your brand, the marketing emails you send to them will be more effective at securing sales and pushing your products or services. So, here’s how […]

Why processes in business are key for success

With so much content out there vying for people’s attention, you really need to make the most of any opportunity you have to get people paying attention to your content marketing ahead of anyone else’s. Infographics offer you an effective way to do that and we’re going to look at their power and why they’re so useful, right now. Read on to find out more. Great Visual Content is Compelling to Us As human beings, […]

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