Month: April 2019

5 Ways to grow your twitter followers

It might seem vain to think too much about your Twitter follower count, but it’s an important metric in many different ways. For a start, having more followers on the platform also means that you have more influence. It can also result in more leads, a bigger audience and more customers being interested in your content. All of those things are vital for modern businesses, so read on to find out how to grow your […]

Why Personal Brands are Bigger than companies

If you want to succeed these days, you need to have a personal brand that people can believe in. Personal branding is more important than ever before and it’s maybe even bigger than companies. If you want to find out why that is and what it means for you, here are some of the most important points to understand. People Are Attracted to People More Than Faceless Companies Whether you’re in sales, marketing advertising or […]

Why every business needs digital marketing

The growth of digital marketing has been nothing short of exponential and, quite frankly, every business needs to embrace it ASAP. Including yours! Still unsure as to whether it has something to offer your venture? Here are just eight reasons for your business to start mastering the web like a spider right away. #1. It’s cost-effective Every business decision should be a financial decision, but this is especially true when dealing with marketing techniques. After […]

What makes a strong blog

Content is still king and if you want to succeed in a modern, digital landscape, blogging remains the way to do it. However, creating a blog isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds. It’s on your shoulders to ensure the blog is as strong as it can be because if it’s not, it probably won’t achieve the things you want it to. Here’s what you should know about what makes a strong blog, A Focus […]

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