Month: November 2018

Business Connections Live

Understanding the Customer Journey We often hear the mantra, Understanding the Customer Journey – From Sale to Retention. But what does it really mean? Is it just, customer care or is it a set of processes and procedures that can be applied to any business. Matt will be talking about how to win more business but also do more business with existing customers, talking about the importance of having both a process for sales and one […]

3 Customer Acquisition Strategies for Small Businesses with no Money

As you’re probably aware, it costs far more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones. However, without customer acquisition, you’d have no customers to retain.   If you’re a small business on a budget, customer acquisition can be tough. You’re likely to be in search of some low-cost customer acquisition strategies to help grow your business so in this post, we’re going to share 3 strategies for you to try.   […]

Understanding your ideal customer

As a business we want all want customers, the mistake we make is casting our net too wide and saying we will work with everyone and anyone, it’s a nice idea but it’s not one that will allow you win consistent sales or even know what’s working and what’s not working. Narrowing down your ideal customer or your niche, is vital to having sustainable business success, it’s a scary thing because you will feel like […]

Why you should talk benefits not features

Sales people love to talk, generally they talk about themselves and then the features of their product or service – “Yes, this device has 3 flux capacitors” (a joke going back to my old PC World days – I genuinely heard one of my sales colleagues say that to a customer!) but guess what, people don’t care about the features. As a species we are selfish, we want to know what is in it for […]

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